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Hardware - Web/Cane Hung Seats


15'6" Whisper (Retired)

The ideal performance solo canoe for lightweight paddlers up to 150 lbs. This design is smaller than the Advantage; less stable, but more efficient.

Hull Features

  1. Very sharp ends start the narrow hull for high efficiency.
  2. Flotation tanks in non-foam core models for safety in both bow and stern. Handles, "short thwarts", standard on all models.
  3. Foot brace standard for control and maneuvering.
  4. Sliding seat easily trims the canoe (Aramid or Tufweave®/Fiberglass).
  5. Extreme tumblehome in the center for good access to the water.
  6. Anodized and heat-treated high grade aluminum for strong, long-lasting trim.
  7. Straight keel line for efficiency and speed.
  8. Upswept bow that weeds can't stick to.
  9. Narrow, shallow arch hull provides speed and final stability.


Maximum hull width: 29"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 27 1/2"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 22"
Width at front thwart: 17"
Width at rear thwart: 20 1/2"
Distance front thwart to rear thwart: 48"
Weights (depends on hull material, construction and options): 28-46 lbs.