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Adjustable Thigh-Straps


21' 0" Skookumchuck Kayak (Retired)

A big, fast and powerful double kayak with three bulkheaded and hatch-covered cargo chambers.

Hull Features

  1. The 21 foot lenght means a big, fast double kayak.
  2. Streamlined hull: moderate rocker and raked at the ends for handling and efficiency.
  3. Rounded shallow vee hull for straight tracking and excellent final stability.
  4. Three bulkheaded cargo chambers with hatches for convenience and safety.
  5. Foot braces are easily adjusted while the paddler is in the kayak.
  6. Recessed cockpit coamings provide excellent knee fit and bracing; waves deflect over the spray skirt.
  7. Recessed hatch covers with six point attaching ABS cover and thick neoprene gasket; they're dry and secure.
  8. Two depth choices: LP (low profile) for windy conditions nad better knee fit for some paddlers.; EXP (expedition) for longer range trips with more gear.
  9. Wide spacing between cockpits for easy independent paddling and out of sync maneuvering.


Depth bow cockpit: LP 11 1/2" / EXP 13"
Depth stern cockpit: LP 13" / EXP 14 1/2"
Maximum hull width: 30 1/2"
Maximum width at waterline: 28 1/2"
Forward hatch: 7 1/2" x 16"
Center and rear hatch: 12 1/2" x 18 1/2"
Cockpit size: 31" x 17"
Weight Tuf-Weave Fiberglass: LP 75 lbs. / EXP 77 lbs.
Weight Aramid: LP 70 lbs. / EXP 72 lbs.
Length (overall/waterline): 20' 3" / 21' 0"