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Canoe End Cap


16' 4" Sea Otter Kayak (Retired)

The Sea Otter Series 500 sets the standard for touring kayak expedition capacity and high performance.

Hull Features

  1. Fast 16 foot waterline means easy pdaaling, even with 150 lbs. of gear.
  2. Low ends make paddling in the wind a breeze.
  3. Straight keel line reduces yaw for more efficient paddling.
  4. Stern bulkhead and hatch for safety and convenience.
  5. Foot braces are easily adjusted while the paddler is in the kayak.
  6. Strongly reinforced detailing around the hatch.
  7. Hatch is flush recessed, not allowing waves to drive under its edge. It's more secure.
  8. Three sizes to fit almost anyone.
    Three depths:
    LP (low) Depth: 11.5", Paddler: <162 lbs. Weight: Aramid 43 lbs., Tuf-Weave® 48 lbs.
    GP (general) Depth: 12.25", Paddler: 120-180 lbs., Weight: Aramid 44 lbs., Tuf-Weave® 49 lbs.
    EXP (expedition) Depth: 13", Paddler: 160 lbs. + gear, Weight: Aramid 45 lbs., Tuf-Weave® 50 lbs..
  9. By using a peaked deck to shed water, the long, low bow is drier than so-called Eskimo styles. It rides smoothly without excessive pounding up and over waves and without throwing spray back at the paddler.


Maximum hull width: 27 1/2"
Maximum width at 3" waterline: 25 3/4"
Length at 3" waterline: 8' 3"
Cockpit size: 36" x 16"
Weight Tuf-Weave Fiberglass: 22 lbs.