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Life Jacket 2XL-3XL


15' Mini Canak (Retired)

The Wenonah Canoe Mini Canak is the little sister to our popular and proven Canak. Comfortable to paddle with either a double or single blade paddle the Mini offers improved maneuverability in close quarters, while still delivering effcient tracking in open lake crossings. The duel water resistant hatch covers reduce windage and offer a dry ride. Whether your BWCA or NFCT tripping or just out for a Thursday night paddle, the Mini is great fun. The Mini Canak comes with a  floor mounted sliding seat, SmartTrack foot braces, and hatch covers. Forward Hatch: 43" x 17.5" (109.22 cm x 44.45 cm) Rear Hatch: 43" x 17.5" (109.22 cm x 44.45 cm) Cockpit: 40" x 20" (101.6 cm x 50.8 cm) The add on Canak spray tray is located in Accessories.


Length: 15' 0"
Maximum hull width: 29"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 26 1/2"
Bow depth: 13 1/2"
Stern depth: 13 1/2"
Center depth: 12 1/2"