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17' Jensen (Retired)

A high-performance, low-capacity hull best for cruising and light tripping. A good first purchase canoe if kept on calm water.

Hull Features

  1. The sharply pointed bow minimizes water resistance for easy paddling.
  2. A slight outward flare of the gunwales near the bow deflects spray in the area where water is most prone to enter.
  3. The gunwale line has tumblehome (the opposite if flare) from the area of the bow paddler rearward to allow room to use the paddles comfortably.
  4. An "asymetrical" hull with more fullness behind the centerline than in front of it to counter the stern's natural tendency to ride deeper than the bow in shallow water.
  5. Standard trim is of the highest aircraft grade, marine-anodized aluminum; 6061-T6.
  6. Moderately low sides (12.5") to minimize resistance to crosswinds when traveling with a light load.
  7. The streamlined hull widens very gradually from the bow back to minimize water resistance.
  8. The moderately low bow (17") avoids resistance to crosswinds yet can handle typical waves when the canoe is moderately loaded.
  9. A tight bow curve is designed to aid streamlining and straight tracking.
  10. A straight (horizontal) keel line aids tracking and minimizes the effort expended to keep the canoe on a straight course.
  11. The light stern curve and nearly straight stern line are designed to aid tracking and efficient streamlining.
  12. The moderately shallow-arched hull gives sufficient final stability while providing good initial stability.


Maximum hull width: 33 3/4"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 33 1/2"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 32"
Width at front thwart: 26"
Distance, center thwart to front thwart: 31"
Width at rear thwart: 28"