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Removable Yoke Kit


21' 4" Jensen ICF C2 (Retired)

The only commercially made International Canoe Federation marathon formula racing hulls. Both the Jensen ICF C-2 and C-1 are highly successful in ICF competition, having captured world championship titles outright. Further, they are usually among the first sit-down style canoes to finish an ICF race.

Hull Features

  1. Extremely sharp bow to cut through the water.
  2. Wood butt block (tandem) aids strength against frontal impacts.
  3. Handles, short thwarts, standard bow and stern.
  4. Sliding seat(s) and foot brace in stern standard.
  5. PVC foam core and ribs to lock in shape and provide an ultralight hull.
  6. A high-quality, low maintenance racing canoe with stainless steel bolts, highest grade anodized aircraft aluminum seat mounts, thwart and foot brace; plus clear Sitka spruce inwales.
  7. Round bottom hull to optimize forward speed.


Maximum hull width: 30"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 24 1/2"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 30"
Width at front thwart: 21 1/2"
Distance center to front thwart: 31 1/2"
Width at rear thwart: 21 1/2"
Distance center to rear thwart: 27 1/2"
Weight, Aramid with PVC core stiffening: 33 lbs.