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Super Seat


14' 3" Egret (Retired)

Mike Galt has expanded canoeing in the past couple of years with the style called "American Sport Canoeing", less formally known as "sport paddling". This is an updated, refined version of the traditional paddling style in which the paddler kneels and controls the canoe from one side. The style is exemplified in Galt's video series, "Elegant Paddling", an exihibition of classy boat handling and paddling that Bill Mason has called "canoe ballet". Sport paddling has captured the imagination of the public and many men and women who last banged a paddle against a summer camp or livery canoe are coming back to give canoeing another try.

Hull Features

  1. Fine, hollow ends for paddling ease; hollow ends for tracking.
  2. Handles (short thwarts) standard for carrying and tie-down in bow and stern.
  3. Foam-filled flotation tanks in bow and stern standard for safety.
  4. Wide, full gunwale line holds the "sweet" shape for dynamic, leaned turns.
  5. Bow radius contributes to yacht-like appearance while rising over obstacles.
  6. Cane seats to match classic styling.
  7. Constantly flared hull provides minimum wetted surface and high final stability.
  8. Center thwart set a foot behind center to ensure correct solo trim.
  9. Anodized and heat-treated high grade aluminum trim. Black trim standard.


Maximum hull width: 36"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 30 5/8"
Maximum gunwale hull width: 36"
Width at front thwart: 32 1/4"
Width at center thwart (12" behind center): 33 1/2"
Weights (depends on hull material, construction and options):s 42-52 lbs.