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17'9" Cascade (Retired)

One look at the Cascade will show you that this is not the typical Wenonah Canoe. We usually design hulls with sharp ends, vertical stems and s straight keel line. This one has blunt ends, angled stems and 2" of rocker.

As such, there's no mistaking this canoe's mission. We make it for people who spend a lot of time running rapids. This hull turns and draws beautifully on fast water. It has loads of seaworthiness and retains it even with quite a load. Flare fore and aft deflects spray. You can take the Cascade tripping on fast rivers with confidence and it paddles quite well on the pools between rapids.

Although you may see some similarities to the Wenonah Spirit II, the Cascade is intended to be used on whitewater and is more of a specialized canoe. The Spirit II tracks better on moderate waters.

Since the Cascade is intended to be used on whitewater we make it only in the most durable construction; Royalex®. With the Royalex® construction the Cascade remains undaunted when rocks block you path.


Length: 17' 9"
Maximum hull width: 36 1/2"
Maximum hull width at 4" waterline: 33 1/2"
Bow depth: 21"
Stern depth: 20"
Center depth: 15"