This whitewater hull is a zesty play boat when it's empty or lightly loaded, and a workhorse when packed for solo whitewater trips. The Rendezvous runs dry, is buoyant in the bow, and has plenty of freeboard. Its unique shape and tumblehome make for effective paddling. This agile, seaworthy canoe performs brilliantly on technical rivers, huge open flows, and everything in between. Visit our YouTube channel to see what the Wenonah Rendezvous can do in the hands of a skilled paddler:


Overall Length: 15' 8"  (477.52cm)
Gunwale Width: 28"  (71.12cm)
Maximum Width: 31"  (78.74cm)
Waterline Width: 29"  (73.66cm)
Stern Depth: 20"  (50.8cm)
Center Depth: 15"  (38.1cm)
Bow Depth: 21"  (53.34cm)
Rocker: 2.5"  (6.35cm)
May not be the actual lines of the Rendezvous

Royalex® 59lbs. $1,599 USD

Royalex® canoes are manufactured from multi-laminate sheets, painstakingly designed specifically for each model. All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing structure and buoyancy. Royalex® canoes are incredibly tough. This makes them the ideal choice for sportsmen, whitewater paddlers, families and kids, or anybody who wants a very durable canoe. These canoes are much lighter than polyethylene or aluminum canoes and can be built in nearly limitless designs. We offer many models in Royalex®, ranging from cost-conscious touring and sport canoes, to robust whitewater assault canoes.
Royalex® canoe shown with Standard Options, may not be the Rendezvous.
Standard Options -
Royalex® Colors
Black vinyl gunwales
Wood thwarts and handles
Premium Options -
Kevlar® skid plates - $85 USD